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in development sciences, research and policy advocacy for public and private sector

The National Development Initiative NDi is a non-align and non-partisan independent institution for Planning, Policy and Strategic Initiatives .
The National Development Initiative NDi, a non-align and non-partisan institution for Planning, Policy and Strategic Initiatives is an independent not-for-profit and nongovernmental Think Tank dedicated to providing alternative bottom-to-top scientifically aided thought processes to enhance infrastructural, fiscal, social and political self governance structures for the attainment of poverty reduction, stimulated economic growth, modernization of physical infrastructure, sustainable employment generation, promotion of social infrastructure and strengthening of institutional democracy using public and private sector participants in Nigeria with the goal of exporting the knowledge curve gained therein as a reproducible success or learning process in other parts of Africa. [clear]
The primary goal of NDi is to provide an independent platform for the advancement and promotion of strategic policy initiatives.
The overall motivation for NDi is its primary goal viz to provide an independent platform for the advancement and promotion of strategic policy initiatives that are obtained from a thought process that are truly patriotic and in the interest of the land and the public. [hr]

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