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Cambridge Advanced Leadership
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Cambridge Advanced Leadership
Highly recommended leadership training. Note: This training provider has no affliation whatsoever with the NDi. The training is only being recommended because it was selected by a member of NDi who earlier benefited from the training. Start: This three week general management and leadership programme offers the opportunity for seasoned general managers and senior executives to step back from their professional and personal lives and dedicate time for themselves in a learning environment second to none. Aside from refreshing their thinking and fine-tuning their leadership agenda, participants will benefit from discussions and exchange with top Faculty members and outstanding speakers from Cambridge Judge Business School and Cambridge University, as well as from other top business schools. Innovative and leading-edge All Cambridge Advanced Leadership Programme delegates receive an iPad 2 *. This unique and exciting technology enabler allows our ALP delegates instant and exclusive access to important programme materials. Providing programme materials in this format significantly reduces the amount of paper printing and handouts, and allows delegates to easily and simply view their programme material in the most up-to-date, electronic format. * included within programme fees

Programme Structure

Three major themes span the programme, helping to weave the discussion and debate into a coherent fabric on which participants can chart their next moves. Please click on the + signs below in order to expand the content around each programme theme:

Making sense of turbulent times

Taking the lead through innovation

Leadership into action

Would you like to learn more? For further information and an in-depth discussion about the programme please feel free to contact Allison Wheeler-Héau, Director of the Cambridge ALP. She would be delighted to speak to you, and help you decide whether this programme is the right choice for you and your professional development. Allison Wheeler-Héau Director of the Cambridge Advanced Leadership Programme Tel: +44 (0)1223 765855 Mobile: +44 (0)7879 116776 Email:

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